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TEMPO cycling and Pilates studio offers small, personalized Pilates and cycling classes and coaching using interval-based training, combined with data-driven results, in a supportive environment. You'll find expert instruction for the elite athlete, recreational cyclist, and for those recovering from injury or illness.



REAL WORLD CYCLING 60 & 90 - a 60 or 90 minute results-oriented, high-level conditioning class open to participants of all ability levels.

INTERVAL TRAINING - High-Intensity Interval Training on the CycleOps Phantom 3 bikes informed by Kirk’s 30+ years of racing and coaching World and National Champion athletes.

  • All indoor cycling classes are taught on the CycleOps Phantom 3 bikes. Exact bike fit measurements are recorded at your first class relative to 4 points of micro-adjustment - duplicate the fit of your outdoor bike!
  • Hub and cycling computer accurately manage power-training data and measure watts and cadence for accurate assessment of progress.
  • Pedal cadence, power (watts), and energy output (kilojoules) measurements are a key training tool for serious and amateur cyclists - watts are accurate and repeatable.
  • Workouts sync with Powertap app and are transferable to Strava, Garmin and mapmyride tracking apps. 


COMBO 30/30 - We created this combination years ago at our first studio in Brooklyn, NY and have been perfecting it for over 18 years - 30 mins cycling followed by 30 mins Pilates mat. The best of both worlds!



We offer small group Pilates classes on the Reformer; the Equipment classes may also utilize the Springboard, MVe Chair and other small props for a fun and balanced workout.

Private, Duet and Trio sessions on the Pilates apparatus are available by appointment. Our Pilates sessions are designed for cyclists and non-cyclists alike. For cyclists an increase in core strength and flexibility will improve stability on the bike and maximize pedal efficiency, strength and power.

We also cater to those in need of functional rehabilitation, we've worked with clients healing from hip replacements, sciatica, broken bones and women recovering from breast cancer treatment and surgery. Pilates balanced approach to movement makes it a safe and effective method to regain strength and control.